Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy WTD . . .

How quickly has the last Friday in October come around ??
Seems like only a few months ago I was making
 chrysanthemum plant gifts for last year's
World Teachers' Day celebration .
This morning my primary school-aged kids gave some yummy
homestyle melting moments to their teachers,
an idea borrowed from eigtheen25 here.
I used her free printable words and some
stripey scrapbook paper to make my tags.
With a few simple tools,
some cute goodie bags and some kitchen string . . .
I made these .
The text on the free project tags says 
" with you as my teacher"
"I'll be one smart cookie" 
and I added "Happy World Teachers Day Mrs (name) " on the last one.
Hope they get a chance for a cuppa and a bikkie sometime today .
To all the teachers out there ,  keep up the good work -
you are appreciated !

P.S. “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”  Aristotle

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going 'Bush'. . .

Time to show off my latest acquisition - a ' new ' digital radio !
I have been holding off on getting one since digital started in 2009 ,
 as they were waaaaaay too expensive back then and there
  wasn't any guarantee that we would pick up the few stations available .

These days however, there are heaps of great stations that we can pick up in our area
(including, if you can believe it, one that is just bird sounds !)
 and you can easily find units under $100 .

Including my new Bush TR82DAB. Isn't it the coolest ?? I've had my eye on this retro beauty for about 6 months now, and decided to save for it for Christmas . I couldn't wait though - when I saw it go on special at Appliances Online , and knew I had a discount voucher to use as well (from when we bought our clothes dryer) , I snapped it up .
I honestly did mean to just plug it in and make sure everything worked OK . . .but it's been plugged in for about a week now and I can't bear the thought of putting it back in the box and waiting till Christmas ! Just look at it's creamy oldy-worldy goodness ! Look at the big shiny dial ! The cool retro font ! The way you can't see any of the digital bits from the front ! Oh my . I luuuurve it .
As well as plugging into the power it also takes batteries , so this baby can come camping . Yay ! ( As well as picking up digital signals, it also receives ordinary analogue AM , FM and LW .)
Merry Early Christmas to me !

P.S. "If you're yearning for the good old days, just turn off the air conditioning." Griff Niblack


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