Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Keeping to a Budget!

I am really trying hard this year not to spend money on new scrapbooking 'stuff' - I feel that I don't do nearly enough with the 'stuff' I already have! It seems to be a common thread in these times of economic belt-tightening. Even the craft magazine I subscribe to has jumped on the bandwagon, doing a series on the "10 Commandments" of scrapping on a budget over the next few months. I took this to heart and made some birthday cards using only 'leftovers' from a previous project. The pictured one is my favourite. I have also banned myself from looking at any more of the flyers that come in the magazine. (You know the ones - subscription offers that come with gifts - even though you know very well that they factor the cost of the gift into the cost of the magazine!) I have enough of these 'gifts' already. My task this year will be to make them into projects.
P.S. I thought this quote would be appropriate to end my thoughts today - "Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions." A.A. Latimer

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back in the world...

Well, that's a couple of weeks of my life I won't get back. Being really ill is the worst! 
Not sure how I managed to get the kids back to school (and to school for the first time in one case!) with all books, lunchboxes, uniforms etc correct. Arrgghh. Hope the transition back to school was smooth for you all!   

Thoughts and prayers today for all those people affected by the Victorian bushfires - a tragedy on a scale we rarely see in our lucky country, despite living in a land of "droughts and flooding rains". To donate to the Bushfire Appeal through the Red Cross, go to . Every bit will help a family just like yours and mine cope with loss on a scale I don't even wish to imagine. :( Till next time...  

P.S. Perhaps this Greek Proverb will help us think about the fires (and the floods in FNQ) in a way that might help comprehend it - "It is not good for all our wishes to be filled; through sickness we recognize the value of health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion, the value of rest."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

You know the saying...

You know the saying - "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything"? Proved to be so true this past 10 days or so. Still too ill to write, or even notice what's going on in the world. Hope the school year has started smoothly for you all. Talk soon..PS


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