Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Camping Adventure

We have finally made it! The youngest child is now 5, and we have been camping as a family for the first time. I never wanted to take the kids as babies or toddlers - too much "stuff" to lug and not enough maturity (the kids or their Dad!) for me to really enjoy the experience without stress. But now, woo-hoo! It was only a weekend at the lovely (and close) Elanda Point, but great anyway. The kids had a ball in the water and out, we saw lots of wildlife (many birds, a goanna, kangaroos and an echidna), they got to toast marshmallows, run and play with friends and sleep in the tent (Brrrr - thermal underwear on the way from eBay already). It was a lovely weekend, but far too short. We will have some improvements and additions to the equipment by the next time we go, so roll on Family Camping Adventure no 2 - mid-Winter!

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