Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yay for wall art!

Not what I expected to be doing this afternoon after work, but ... wall art has happened!

(View from bottom of stairs)

While not as drool-worthy as the pieces from here ,here and here, quite nice nevertheless, and a good deal less expensive! Found quite by accident at a local discount shop.

Wonders never cease - I finally have something to improve my plain and rather dingy stairwell. Anyone who knows my boys would understand that any artwork hung here would last about an hour. This is the ideal solution. Yaay!

(View from top of stairs)

I may even get silly and add some blossoms or butterflies! I wonder how long they would last? Any thought or suggestions?


Toni said...

Boootiful, I am very envious.

Candy Perfume Girl said...

Beautiful!!! It looks fantastic & a good idea to "decorate" the stairway!!& yes safe!!;) What about a word painted cream and hanging above, you know how you can buy the lge letter words "create"..etc that sort of thing? No idea really!!


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