Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Do you Renovate?

No, not of houses...of decorations! I do, in a big way. This is my latest 'reno'.
Our house has a double front door - looks really great, but is hard to decorate at Christmas. One wreath just doesn't work (which side would you put it on?) and two looks odd to me. (No offence if you have two on double doors - just doesn't do it for me.) Instead, I have been using two of these swags... They were still looking OK after about 10 years of use in various places, but this year did not match my new red/aqua/silver theme AT ALL. So off came all the gold and anything that wasn't attached firmly.
That left me with greenery and red berries - a great base. I started the reno with a present topper (2 for $1 at the cheap shop) in red and silver. Hot glue is your friend. Perfect for this job.
Then I added 2 poinsettia flowers from my decoration stash, and a few baubles left over from the wreath. (Either wire them on to switch out each time your colour theme changes or hot glue for a more permanent change.) Looking good!
A couple of aqua leaf picks, (also from the cheap shop ages ago - I didn't know what I was going to use them for, but knew that I would. You know how it is) one either side of the present topper.
Some more feathers from the boa I bought for the wreath (still mostly intact, by the way. A few dollars really well spent) tucked in with a dab of glue and a piece of ribbon tied in a bow around the topper...
Ta -da! A tiny piece snipped off the end of a piece of aqua tinsel and hot glued on finshes each end of the swags and adds a little sparkle. They are held on with 3M 'Command' hooks, clearly one of the best inventions ever.
I'm pretty happy with the new look. Will post some more renovations soon.

Till then, remember the old adage
"Make new, make do or do without."
Hope everyone is keeping those Christmas budgets in check!

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Melissa said...

You are very talented Paula! I just love how you create things and revamp the old to make it new. You should think about being an interior designer.


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