Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Latest Trash to Treasure Transformation...

Isn't he cute?

 Well, I saw his potential at Lifeline. Once I added a few coats of this...

(Yes - you can now get Rustoleum in Australia! *happy dance*)

He looked like this...

And now has pride of place here...


While I am not usually into dust collectors grandma ornaments items that have no other use, I am going to make the most of owls being in fashion and try the look out for a while.

What do you think?

P.S. “The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


Toni said...

very cute, I don't even know what that stuff is.
Thanks for posting, everyone been a bit slack posting.
Have to catch up next week, oooh, we've got Esk soon.

Candy Perfume Girl said...

He's gorgeous!! pass him on when you get 'sick' of him;)

Your brother made me enlarge the photo he's going to stick some googly eyes on next time we are down your way.. haha;D


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