Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Grand Day Out...

I spent Saturday at the Scrapbook & Papercraft Convention in Brisbane with Toni. What a day!
We got an early start and were there when it opened, so that we had plenty of time to check out the stands before our classes. (Mind you, this takes a long time with Toni, beacuse she knows and chats to every second person she sees. She even managed to find the mother of a friend from primary school. Who else could do that?!)
Since I started working full time a few years ago, I don't get much chance to get into craft shops anymore. Seeing all the new products was a real treat. I was particularly taken with the new Kaisercraft collection which they had a raffle for...
 (Photo from the Kaisercraft website - go check out the whole collection - it's beautiful!)

Toni managed to fenagle us an entry even though they had run out of tickets!

There were also some excellent displays from the tutors of the classes on offer this year. Check out the work of  Lynette Carroll if you like shabby chic. Her scrunched paper wreath was to die for. (But the dusting!!)

We both did two classes, finishing with the one from Stick By Me using vinyl quotes, which were surprisingly easy to use. We applied them to tiles and then embellished...

We also managed to catch up with Ngaire Bartlam after her class, to say 'hi' and check out the progress of her tattoo - have a look at her amazing blog here. (I did a great scrapbooking class with her last year - see the page here.) Even with a head cold, she's still a hoot.

We didn't leave until the show closed - Toni was spending up until the very last moment! (I don't know how she managed to still have cash in her wallet!) It was great to shop vicariously though, and we found some good bargains and came up with some great project ideas together.

Despite the driving (Toni) and texting (me) adventures on the way home (tell you later), we had a brilliant day - full of laughs, friendship, shopping and craft. Thanks Gumby! *wink*

P.S. "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home."  Twyla Tharp

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Toni said...

It was fun wasn't it, I so wanted to do it again! 8)


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