Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Art Wall Project . . .

While the bedroom revamp is not yet finished, I thought I'd show you another house 'work in progress'. 

I have always loathed the look of our big TV - it's great to watch, but you can't avoid looking at it even when it's not turned on, as it's in our main living area.
It's so large and black and smack-bang in the middle of the main wall. My husband loves it, of course.
I have decided to take some inspiration from shots like these . . .
and make the TV part of an art wall!

After making a template of the TV from newspaper, I laid it out on the floor in the living area and started to arrange all the frames I have around it.
Once I had finished, I took some shots to remind me how they will need to be hung once painted and 'filled'.
I worked on the floor in front of the space to make sure everything would fit nicely on the wall above and be well balanced.
I'll update you all again once the non-black ones are black, and I start to fill them with some interesting/quirky artworks. 

P.S. “Art is much less important than life, but what a poor life without it.”  Robert Motherwell

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