Friday, September 28, 2012

Done and Dusted. . .

F has the last birthday for the year in our
nuclear family , and he 's now 11.
How could this little guy . . .
now be this one ?
Where does the time go??
He had a great celebration , with a couple of friends sleeping over , eating
 make-your-own pizza for dinner , watching movies , staying up late and
opening gifts with them on Sunday morning .
As per the last couple of years , the Baked Coconut Cheesecake is now
the standing order for the birthday cake .
This year we added strawberries as they are so plentiful
at the moment ( and match the candles! ).
He is still into Lego in a big way , so that's what most of his gifts were -
including this amazing 'Minecraft' set (from the computer game) ,
 the latest production in the CUUSOO range of fan-suggested sets .
You should check it out if you are a Lego lover or have a great idea
 for something that could be made out of Lego !
Personally , I am hanging out for this one -
(pictures from
it's next to go into production !
He has been shopping with his gift money and has bought
still more Lego , as well as a slushy maker.
( The power of TV advertising, yeesh ! )
Now that the last birthday has been celebrated ,
 we are free to look forward to Christmas .
Yikes !!
P.S. "Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present. " Roger Babson

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