Thursday, February 14, 2013

No fuss Valentine's day . . .

We don't make a big deal about VD around our house - it's all gotten a bit commercial.
But with so many feebies / cheapies around the interweb, it would be a shame
 not to do something.
This year's effort involed my local Aldi supermarket, the computer and printer,
some cello bags, ribbon and a stapler.
A few weeks ago I bought 6 red chocolate roses and a bag of foil wrapped hearts
while grocery shopping.
Last night I made and printed out a card for my hubby, designed on
Together with the roses tied with a red ribbon, they were his gift.
For the kids, I printed out some free bag toppers from Pepper Scraps , divided the
bag of hearts up into small cello bags and stapled the toppers on.
These went into thier school lunchboxes - to eat or share or give to a Valentine!
In return hubby made me a delicious fluffy cappucino and bought apple danish
for morning tea at work. I also got a single red rose, which was not made of
chocolate and smells lovely!
That's the sum total of VD in our house - simple and thoughtful.

P.S. " Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye. " H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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