Thursday, April 25, 2013

We will remember them . . .

I have to admit, when my alarm went off in the dark at 4.40am this morning, I did think about 
how easy it would be just to turn it off and snuggle back into my cosy bed for a nice
 public holiday sleep-in. But a nagging voice in my head kept reminding me that in many places 
in the world there are, and have been through history, Australian Defence Force personnel 
getting up in the dark to undertake dangerous patrols or secret manoeuvres 
and face violent hostility, on my behalf. 
This selfless force included my grandfather, gone from us now for a year. 
Could I get my lazy bum out of bed and go to the ANZAC Day dawn service on a mild 
Queensland morning to say a quiet 'thank you'? Hell, yes. 
I was not alone . . .
There were so many people at this service that I had to stand with a crowd on the footpath 
outside the fence, behind the stage!
As the sun rises on a beautiful day in our lucky country, " lest we forget."

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