Saturday, September 7, 2013

Minecraft Party...

Thought I'd show you some details of the 10-year old's party, 
as we did have a theme.
(As all my kids have turned 10, they have had a big party with 10 friends. 
This has given us time to save up for something a bit more special than just a movie 
or sleepover with a friend.) This boy wanted a bowling party, but he also had a special 
cake request after seeing a baker on YouTube here - a Minecraft melon cake. 
This being the case, I though we could carry the Minecraft computer game 
theme through to the rest of the party as well.
It started with the invitations...
 a Minecraft scene and the guest's name edited in Picasa
on a brown envelope...
with an 'Are you coming?' message on the front and the party details on the inside
of a brown card. These went out 3 weeks before the party.
I found some green paper treat bags at a discount shop and printed out
some creeper faces to glue on the front. I filled the bags with various treats
that match up to items in the game, like cookies...
eggs, melon, milk, apples, and mushrooms...
TNT (otherwise known as red licorice)...
and building blocks (choc honeycomb, jersey caramels,
rocky road squares and pineapple lumps)...
packed into glassine and cellophane bags. I also included a
little maze puzzle (with a minecraft pic glued on the back)...
a compass, a party whistle and a bird balloon.
(The guests were thrilled with the haul!)
I also got a great Minecraft party printable pack on Etsy
 here that included drink bottle wraps,
a banner, a party sign and a 'thank you' for the back of the treat bags.
 I made a whole heap of these little cubes (free printables from here
as table decorations.
The cake was a triumph...
and it looked fantastic on the inside!
I can safely say that a great time was had by all.
Hip, hip, hooray!

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