Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy 12th...

Middle son has the last family birthday of the year, but we have lost most of the 
photos of the big day. Luckily some from the afternoon were still on the camera 
when the laptop hit the floor, so I thought we should at least 
make a blog record for posterity.
He always has a great day as his birthday falls in the school holidays. 
This year he celebrated with a sleep-in and presents, yummy treats for morning tea 
and a mud cake in the afternoon. (The main event cake was to come on the 
weekend when his grandparents visited.)
 The birthday person gets their choice for dinner, and he chose
 the Coffee Club (with Mum).
 This was the special cake for the weekend BBQ with Nan and 
Grandad and the cousins...
 A rainbow cake! It was originally supposed to have fondant icing all over
 (like the one he saw on Pinterest) , but we ran out of time. It was delicious 
anyway, as I made each layer a different flavour.
One happy birthday boy!
 P.S. "Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." Chili Davis

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