Sunday, January 25, 2009

Discrediting the Timewasters...

Hi AllHi All,

 Hi All,
I am sick to death of the junk that arrives in my inbox. 
Working in an office environment means that I get heaps of it (although I may file the Viagra ads away for 'one day' - he he he). The ones that annoy me the most are the ones that you don't immediately recognise as crap - you read along thinking that some-one is passing on some valuable information using the fantastic 'information super highway'. Isn't that what the internet is for? Really, a new type of spider that will make your leg fall off? Really, in some foreign parts snakes eat children whole, or kids have their arms crushed for stealing? Really? It must be true - it's in print. 
But as you read you start to get sus. The photos don't all have the same background. The text was different the last time you got the email. The child has a cushion! Here is the answer - before you defiantly sign that petition against injustices, or forward the email to 'keep the flame burning' or warn friends against predators of any species - check it out on It is the most fantastic site for telling the whole story and discrediting urban myths. Occasionally the emails are even true (very occasionally!) It stops you feeling silly for forwarding something you later find out to be a hoax, or from giving your valuable time and attention to timewasting rubbish. I am a convert! 
And a belated 'Congratulations' to the new American President. Let's hope Barack Obama brings with him a new spirit of negotiation in the world's troubled regions and a committment to his own people doing it tough. As they say, "Charity begins at home" and "People in glass houses..." 
Oooh - serious again! I don't know what's got into me!? 
To finsh this ramble, just a reminder that if you tell the truth, you never have to remember anything. 
 Till next time...

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