Friday, January 16, 2009

Start at the beginning...

Well, here we go...
A friend's therapist suggested to her that she start to keep a journal of all life's ups and downs (especially downs!) , to help identify issues and keep things in perspective.
I thought I'd give it a go too - it's a way for me to stop my aging brain atrifying and much cheaper than actually seeing the therapist!
I actually started this blog in 2007, but found that life just kept getting in the way. A friend has inspired me to make sure I take some time out for myself this year, so this is it! I will aim to write every week. (New Years's Resolution.)
In this forum I can share some of my observations of, musings on, and frustrations with life, with my friends. Of course I may be the only one ever to read this, in which case - Hi Paula!
I feel better already.
In closing this first entry remember "Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't." - Erica Jong (not me - I'm not that profound!)
Till next time...PS

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Karen Campbell said...

Can't wait to read your thoughts Paula. You express your self so beautifully that I know it will make interesting reading. Also I am sure your day to day highs and lows will make all us women feel connected.


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