Saturday, October 24, 2009


Thought I'd show you a couple of projects. The first is my current one. In August I saw the lovely Tara Dennis on BH&G making an easy rag quilt. I filed this away in my memory banks until it popped out unexpectedly when I saw the new 'Authentic' Moda/Sweetwater fabric at Quilt Fabric Delights. Mmmmm.
Now, I know it's not really quilt weather (by the time I finish it might be) but I just had to get some of that lovely fabric-y goodness in my house! I only bought a few fat quarters (and used the free shipping special code on Melissa Goodsell's blog) , so it wasn't an expensive venture. The other squares are from my stash or leftovers from earlier projects like the couch cushions and lamp. Tara makes a full queen-size quilt, but mine will be much more modest. Maybe 2/3 the size of a single bed - just right for the couch on movie night! Hopefully I will get some time to work on it soon. The other thing I wanted to show is the artwork I made from fabric and crocheted flowers mentioned here. It started life as this lovely 1970's print - apologies for the photo. (The household's youngest photographer insisted on taking the 'before' shot - fuzzy and no sign of the ug-ly two-tone frame. Use your imagination!) It cost the princely sum of $3 at the local thrift shop.
The yellow and black fabric I purchased online at Funky Fabrix had a pattern much bigger than I expected, so was no good for the original project I had in mind. But it was striking, and I needed something in a larger scale for a blank wall after an art re-arrange.
I took the ug-ly print out of the frame, gave it a spray with some adhesive and lay it onto the wrong side of the fabric. I pulled the fabric taut, wrapped it round to the back and secured with glue and staples.
While the glue was drying, I mixed up some grey and black acrylic paint to a dark charcoal and painted the frame with a foam brush.
Once it was dry I popped the covered print back into the frame. It fit quite snugly so didn't need pins or tape.
The finishing touch was a case of serendipity. I had not long received some crocheted flowers from Sweet Vintage in the post, and the pack contained two exactly the right shade of yellow. (I love it when that happens!) So I attached them with some craft glue and voila...
An artwork for less than $10. Not to everyone's taste, but I love it. I love the price even more.


Debbie said...

You are so clever Paula, you inspire when when I read about your projects. I have drooled over the material at Quilt Fabric Delights many times.

PS. Thanks so much for the book www I have made a list to start working on!

Candy Perfume Girl said...

Very GROOVY! I like;)

Toni said...

Absolutely gorgeous honey, now I want one!


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