Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mailbox Love...

How I love internet shopping! Working full time means that I don't get to see the inside of a shopping centre from one month to the next, so the world wide web is my friend. These things arrived this week... A really fabulous book on interior design, by a very approachable southern belle called Elaine Griffin . Sugar, the way she writes has had me giggling on every page so far! Can't wait till after Christmas to start some interior changes at my house. Thanks again to the Book Depository.
Check out the little cuties from Kyoto General Store, mostly for the kids Christmas stockings. (But not entirely - the stripey thumb tacks and lady bug pegs were just too cute! ::must. resist. japanese. stationery::)
Can't wait to try out this make-your-own decal paper from Tillymin. I have a couple of monogram projects in store for it - will post if they work out. (If not, I'll pretend I haven't got around to it yet...)
At last, my back-ordered M-Cups have arrived. Just in time for the Christmas baking, and from one of my favourite online stores - Hart & Heim. Don't usually buy because the prices are a bit spendy for my budget, but lovely to look at and get ideas from. Love love love...
Last, but not least, some fab cookie cutters from Avon (not quite online, but they still come to my door so I'm happy). I am making those stacked star gingerbread Christmas trees that have appeared everywhere this year as teacher gifts. (Will post them separately soon.)
So even though I was at work all week, the Christmas shopping and preparation was still being done. Three cheers for the www!

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Debbie said...

I am so jealous Paula! I looked hard at those nesting doll measuring cups and fell in love but didn't buy. I don't get Avon living where I do but I want those start cutters. I am making those Xmas trees this Christmas too. Great minds just think alike!!!


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