Monday, November 16, 2009


Wow! Work was a bit mad last week and I haven't had a chance to mention what an excellent weekend I had at 'Twilight to Twilight' (no, not that Twilight, calm down, no vampires here) scrapbooking retreat. A great bunch of girls, no cooking, cleaning or child care, a space of our own to work and a beautiful rural setting outside Esk - what's not to love?!
This was the view from my workspace...
Mmmmmm. I could have stayed for a week!
I picked up this lovely decanter at the local flea market on the Saturday morning for a grand total of $2.00Score! (I will show off the collection I'm working on soon - this fits in beautifully.) We had a good giggle at the eccentricities of small town living - like the horse blankets for sale in the town's only dress shop and the grumpy proprieter of the antiques place in the main street (where the mounted animal heads freaked us right out). We found an excellent 'cheap shop' called Wayne's World where the aisles were so narrow you had to breathe in to pass someone, but with an amzing array of stuff.
The creativity was quite inspiring, lots of good ideas to borrow, but the relaxation and communication was just as important.
As Colleen Wainwright says, "Sometimes the cure for restlessness is rest. "
Thanks ladies, and roll on next retreat.

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Toni said...

you bet! I could have stayed a week too, very relaxing
Have a lovely week


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