Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thinking outside the pinata...

A couple of weeks ago the small one attended a birthday party (with a science experiment theme! - it was fab) but I knew there would be a problem as soon as I saw this...

 Arrgghh! A damn pinata. With a stick. And a set number of treats to be divided very unevenly between a large bunch of pushing and shoving party guests.

 Those of you who know him might have trouble believing it, but the small one is actually quite shy around strangers. He is not really the pushing and shoving type (except with his brothers, where he is not only the pushing and shoving type, but also the yelling and hitting type) and for him a jaunty pinata swinging in the breeze is a sign of a quivering bottom lip, tears and glumly crossed arms to come.

So I was delighted to come across a great idea for a birthday 'pinata' that echoes the sideshow cry of "Every Child Wins a Prize!". Have a look how Brook of 'Inchmark' blog solved the problem at her latest kids birthday bash -

The kids threw darts at a wooden board, to which she had stapled balloons filled with different treats. Each child took a turn, even the littlest ones, and collected whatever fell out of the balloon they burst with their dart.

In a word , brilliant! Read all about her cool balloon themed party, including how to fill the balloons with treats, here.

Such good ideas out there! I love blogland.

P.S. Last week the candle factory burned down. Everyone just stood around and sang Happy Birthday.” Stephen Wright


Candy Perfume Girl said...

A good idea that! Poor Rowan though! :(

Anonymous said...

Hi there

Thanks for sharing, I have digged this post

Serge said...

I'd have to agree that some kids just manage to get majority of the candy in a pinata, leaving the others with some to no candy at all. However, that idea you posted would surely be a great alternative to a pinata!


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