Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another year older . . .

Well , my birthday has once again come and gone - though things continue to arrive in the mail , which is nice . 24 hours is such a short time to be important !
Had to share my lovely gifts from my family this year though , starting with a gorgeous cup and saucer that I have been crushing on for months . . .
people, it holds 480ml !  Now that's a cuppa .
My lovely kids gave me a decorating mag and chose a really yummy box of chocolates . . .
check these out . . .
Luckily we are a family of 5 ,' cause I am sorely tempted to eat them all myself ! Yum .
Mum sent a lovely stash of Stampin ' Up goodies - can' t wait to try them out .
and look at the beautiful card she made .
Speaking of cards , this is how my 14 - year - old comedian addressed his . . .
He also suggested inside the card that I don ' t let life get me down at my age. Funny guy.
I also have have some cash and gift cards to spend, so I'll start thinking about where that will go .

Hmmmm . Manners lessons for teenagers ? Lots more Swiss chocolates ? I ' ll keep you posted .

P . S .A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday but never remembers her age." Robert Frost

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Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Paula, I hope you have a fabulous year!


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