Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a Recipe Resurrected . . .

I had to take a finger food plate to a housewarming party recently ,
and as I was flicking through my old recipe book I came across one I haven't used
 for at least 10 years .  As I looked at it , I was lost in remembrances of my old
 teaching partner Helen, who shared it with me, and the great staff morning teas
we used to have at our school - part of my ' life before children '.
It's really easy, and now that I've revisited it,
I remember why I kept the recipe. It's so good!!
Let me share . . .
Thaw a 250g packet of frozen spinach and squeeze the liquid out. 
Pop it into a food processor with 3 chopped shallots, 1 cup of good mayonnaise, 
1 cup of sour cream, a small can of water chestnuts (drained) and a 
packet of spring vegetable soup. Process until almost smooth 
and then refrigerate. Cut the top off and hollow out a nice fresh 
cob loaf (white is naughty, but oh so nice). Cut the top into strips
and break the insides into chunks. Add some really fresh and 
crunchy crudites to the serving plate, then fill the loaf with the dip.
Let's just say that well before the end of the night, everything was gone!
All that was left on the plate was a little of the dip that most folks
were too polite to wipe up with their fingers.
Not so my kids on the way home! Mmmmmm .

This recipe will languish unmade in the cookbook of my memory no longer -
so thanks Helen.  It 's on the way to becoming a regular family favourite.

P.S. "I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it  to the food."  W.C. Fields

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