Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Rainbow Connection . . .

A couple of weeks ago while chatting about Christmas I asked the kids
their opinions on a colour theme for this year.
( There are some of our decorations we haven't seen for a while
and I thought it was time for a 'multicoloured' decorating season. )
Eldest son suggested we decorate the tree in a rainbow pattern -
not just multicolored all over -
so that's what we've been up to this weekend.
We started with some new coloured LED lights, which are really bright!
Penny helped!
Then we sorted all our decorations into colour groups, to see what we have 
the most of. (If you want a rainbow pattern, you'll need lots 
more of the colour at the bottom than at the top.)
Our 'roygibiv ' became ' ivroygb ' (going from indigo at the top to blue at the bottom) 
and we used gold for the yellow. (Does anyone have yellow decorations? 
In all my boxes I don't have a single one!)
I tried just eyeing the sections of the tree, but it wasn't very effective
so we came up with this method:
I marked off a triangular section with vertical pieces of string, then added horizontal pieces
to make *6 even sections. (Our tree is 180cm tall, so I used a tape measure to put string
every 30cm.) *I put indigo and  violet into one section.
This worked really well. Once the marked off section was finished, I removed the string
and continued right around the tree with each colour, using the completed section as a guide.
The end result - pretty! 
. . . though I still need to find or make a purple topper.
Once the lights are on the rainbow is not as obvious, but it's still pretty . . .
So now we have a different look for day and night. 
Great idea, number 1 son!
 *Just as a reminder, you can see last year's 'luxe' tree here, 2010's blue, green and red one here
and 2009's aqua, red and white one here.*
P.S. “The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work.” Anon
P.P.S. I'm linking up to Sarah's Christmas Tree Party here, so go and check out some truly beautiful specimens!

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Your rainbow tree looks awesome!! I love it!!! You have some nice decorations there too..I have some yellow & yep I too found it difficult to find anything yellow but last year I bought a box of mixed colours from targetbecause it had some yellow in that just to get them. So hard to find!


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