Saturday, January 16, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Can you believe it! It's been a whole year since this post.

While I didn't quite manage my resolution to blog at least once a week, I did reach 47 posts for the year, so I won't be beating myself up about it. Thanks for joining me on the journey!

As my resolution for this year is to organise the house (I am still working on my word for the year - more on that next post), the next job we have got to is sorting out the wardrobes - not just the kids' either.

In my husband's sorting, he decided to ditch an old, worn pair of these... Which would be perfectly good fabric going to waste, if you ask me! So what do you do when hubby throws out a pair of denim shorts?

Take to them with the sewing scissors and salvage all the large pieces of fabric you can...
Employ your creative cutting skills...
And make a bunch of these!
Just layer the pieces of denim and sew together with a button from your stash (or an old earring, or a pretty brad).
Not sure where all these will end up, but they sure are cute! I stitched one onto a pin and wore it as a brooch to a BBQ today (with jeans) and few nice compliments floated my way from fellow crafters.

That's my kind of recycling.

PS. "Early in my career I felt that organization would destroy my creativity. Whereas now, I feel the opposite. Discipline is he concrete that allows you to be creative." Verna Gibson


Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State said...

Those are adorable!

Anonymous said...

I've made some with the flower petal shape, but I love your round ones. I'm going to give them a try! Thanks for sharing. :)

Candy Perfume Girl said...

Thank-you for our flowers Sarah loves hers & has worn it twice in a row!! (she chooses!)


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