Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy World Teachers' Day

To all the teachers out there, have a wonderful day!

I am a big fan of puns, as I know lots of teachers are. I always try to give the kid's teachers something thoughtful as a gift at this time of year, but sweet and funny rather than soppy and sentimental.

Here is this year's effort for the three teachers 'fortunate' enough to have the joy of my childrens' company.

I took these items, from the supermarket and the $2 shop...

melted the chocolate and half dipped the fortune cookies.

While they were setting, I used a plate to draw large circles on baking paper (you could also use waxed lunch wrap). I cut it them out and lined the noodle boxes.

 (The plate has a diameter of 27cm - the circle fits the 16 ounce box perfectly.)

Then I printed the 'punny' cards and box labels, using our school colours of maroon and gold. I timmed the cards and rounded the corners, then attached a little punched tag (I think it's a 'Stampin' Up' one) with a hole for tying to the box handle.

I used a circle cutter and scallop punch, together with a co-ordinating piece of ribbon from my stash for the labels, and attached them to the front of the noodle boxes with double sided tape.

I carefully packed 7 cookies into each 16 ounce box and closed them up.  (I ended up leaving out the chocolate sticks - I was going to use 2 in each to look like chopsticks, but I was scared they would break when I closed the box.)

 Once the kids had added their message to the back, I attached the cards to the box handles with white cotton kitchen twine.

Voila! A cheesy gift to bring a little smile to a hardworking teacher's face.

P.S. "Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. The miracle is that, at times, they accomplish this impossible task. " Haim Ginott


Kristie said...

LOL!! Your creations are so wonderful!! Wish there were more parents like yourself!! xxx

PS@AlbanyCreek said...

...and more crafty teachers who appreciate them! Thanks Kristie.


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