Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Christmas-y upcycle...

I realise it's a bit late...or is it a bit early for next year? Something for the file anyway...

While I was packing away my tree and decorations for another season (*sniff*) I remembered that I was going to post a little tip I employed last year and scaled up this year.

Do you have a bunch of plain, cheap Christmas baubles like I do? How about some stick-on bling left over from papercrafts?

Well, if you have these things, you can do this...

                                                                  Mmmmmm. Pretty. Shiny.

Just use the line made by the join in the bauble to space the jewels evenly. If you are a bit more uptight precise,  you might like to use a tape measure. I just did it by eye, placing a jewel on one side, and then in the same spot on the other side and working my way around.

Add as many or as few jewels as you like. They give your tree a bit of character, and can help to tie a colour scheme together.

This year I got a bit more adventurous and came up with this one...

 which I love!  

If I didn't already have the jewels, ball and ribbon scraps, it probably would have cost about $5 in all. Still cheap for a really pretty and individual decoration (a good gift idea for those people who have everything!) and a great way to upcycle some oldies.

P.S. 'One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.' Anon


Candy Perfume Girl said...

Love these what a great idea! I have some of those I could do that with...:)

sarah said...

Hi Paula

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment

I am hoping that you can pass on to your dad what fabulous hopspitality and friendliness we received at Cooroy RSL club the other day...I guess that's what it's all about, at least in my book anyway...very friendly staff, welcoming locals and a hearty lunch....together with wonderful history on the walls and the history room we took a look around

anyway, I loved taking a look at your home town, how very happy you must be to call a place such as this hone, I love the Lucky Country

Sarah x


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