Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Banner...

Thought I'd share a quick little project that I whipped up last Friday evening...though if you are a bibliophile you may need to look away for this one.
I have been seeing lots of lovely decorative fabric garlands around the blogosphere, but knew I wouldn't have time for any extra sewing before Christmas this year.
So I decided to try a paper one instead, and I am really pleased with the result.
I decided on a phrase banner, rather than just patterned flags. The only things I needed for this cutie were an old book (the yellower the pages, the better), a glue stick, sharp scissors, some string and my computer and printer.
First I found a font that I liked (it's 'Egyptienne Zierinitialien' if you are interested, free for download from here), and printed out the words 'Joy' and 'World' at 300pt. I then added 'to the' at about 100pt (I think). You'll need to play around with sizes, depending on the font you choose and your vintage book page size if you want to make a similar one.
I then carefully cut around each letter with really sharp scissors.
I cut out nine pages from my old book - ones that had plenty of text (my kids were horrified and I had to explain that it was an old, dull and damaged book from the Lifeline book fair that I only use for craft). I lined them all up and trimmed the bottom of the pages into points.
Then I glued the letters on to the best side of the pages (putting the whole words 'to the' onto one page) and folded the tops of the pages over evenly. Using more glue on the folded tops, I laid a length of cotton twine along the pages and stuck them down in order. Remember to leave some tails for hanging.
Once the glue was dry, it was ready to hang! Here it is in pride of place above my linen chest.
Ta da! Another area decorated and ready for Christmas visitors.

P.SWe are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love... and then we return home.” Australian Aboriginal wisdom

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